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Earthwork Takeoffs

& Bidding

Earthwork Takeoffs/Bidding 

Plan set, job specifications, and boring reports are studied to produce job specific quantities and recommendations. A strategy is put into place to limit import/export, maximize onsite soils for site improvements and limit cuts/fills of common material. A report is produced specifying quantities’ of common cut/fill, sand and rock cushions, concrete/bituminous, length of curb and any other material needed for the civil bid package. A Cut/Fill map is created to illustrate depths of onsite cuts/fills. 


We also offer assistance in bidding upcoming earthwork jobs. Whether you don't have designated estimators or your staff is just overloaded, we can help you land your next earthwork job. We will plug quantities into our bidding tool and allow you to make adjustments to fit your companies specific costs and overhead. 


Turnaround time is typically 1 - 3 days. Quotes are job specific and returned next business day!  

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